Wine rooms and wine cellars are very special places for social gathering and enjoyment. They are places that shall exude a warm atmosphere but also be planned down to the last detail for storing the valuable wine in the best possible way. Wine rooms and wine cellars by Diogenes combine historical wood of barrels with modern components in a unique way.

Barrel wood and wine complement each other perfectly, mean authenticity, atmosphere and appropriate climate for storage. By putting our heart and soul and the necessary skills in our work we create atmospheric wine rooms and wine cellars.

For vaults and floors we combine barrel wood with sandstone or old bricks. On the other hand, the combination with modern smooth materials like glass and stainless steel has a real attractive effect. The wine rooms and wine cellars can either be tempered or air-conditioned, depending on the prerequisites that are given, because temperature and humidity are decisive for the quality of the stored wines.

To avoid a change of the level of the room temperature we usually use LED lamps. It's important for us to move wine cellars and wine rooms into the focus of the clients and guests: to the hotel foyer, to the restaurant. It's even possible to make wine cellars visible by using glass at walls and floors.