Barrelwood is the centerpiece of all DIOGENES NEW LINE Designs.

„Every barrel we use for our unique furniture has been crafted with very special quality features. The wood is felled according to the traditional moon phases technique and was seasoned for a long period. This wood has its own character. even with the help of modern processing techniques it wouldn‘t be possible to replicate the woods  character.“ Helmut Pramstaller

The barrels – predominantly manufactured of oak – that are used to build our furniture originate from notable vineyards from all over Europe. On-site Helmut Pramstaller assures himself face-to-face of the quality of the wood and researches its history. Some Barrels of the DIOGENES NEW LINE manufacture are 150 years old. If possible our customers receive a bottle of the wine, that has aged in the very barrel for years. After strict quality control the barrels are shipped to Lienz/Osttirol, where they can air-dry, so that the cream of tartar can be removed easily.